Germany needs to ban alcohol if it wants to prevent further sexual violence and to help North African migrants integrate into society, a Muslim pressure group has claimed.

Commenting on the Cologne sex-attack controversy, MuslimStern, which has 20,000 followers on Facebook, said its mission was to ‘highlight the way the media was using the incidents to promote racism against minorities’.

The group complained that the female victims had brought the unwanted attention to themselves by dressing in a manner that North African men were not accustomed to. The group claimed: ‘You cannot expect to chuck a naked antelope in front of a lion and not expect it to react. It is mind boggling that with so much time spent teaching children about sex at school, they completely forget to pass on this basic biological fact.’

As a consequence of the attacks, they urged the German government to introduce a ban across the country on the consumption of alcohol.

I jst found this today after a friend of mine called me about it. This is a new Star Trek series called Star Trek New Voyages produced by Star Trek fans of the original series. I watched the first one and this is surprisingly good. I’m told by my friend that it gets better as they progress. The first one was better than most of the original series. If you are into Trek as I am, especially the original series you are going to want to watch this.

There is no winner yet by my standards because the winner (in my opinion) has to deliver something to orbit twice. However, in the “who’s ahead right now” class, I have to give it to Bezos. Reusability means twice or more and Blue Origin beat SpaceX by doing it twice. Nice accomplishment!

SpaceX Dragon 2 hover test. So cool! For nerds this is like porn!



People around the world began to regain access to Twitter on Tuesday after several hours of sporadic disruptions in its global operations that had left many of its 300 million users without access to the social network.

The company said it was not clear what had caused the problems. The disruptions began around 3 a.m. Eastern Standard Time and prevented many users from sharing updates on their smartphones, computers and other mobile devices. As of about 8:30 a.m., the company said it was still experiencing disruptions worldwide.

The company did not say how many of its users were affected, or what had caused the disruptions — only that it was “working towards a resolution.”

I’ve been meaning to get me one of those Tweeter accounts, I just can’t seem to find the time.

I have invented a new way of filtering email that is so accurate it’s scary. I’ve been in the spam filtering business (Junk Email Filter) for 15 years and if you asked me 2 months ago if this level of accuracy is possible I would have said NO WAY! This thing is almost 100% accurate, especially on not blocking good email. I’m calling it the Evolution Filter because it seems to mimic the way evolution works.

I’m thinking about getting a method patent on it and I’m torn on the issue and need advice. I’m in the process of writing and filing a provisional patent so I’m not going to tell you how I’m doing it today.

I can tell you for sure that no one else is doing this because if anyone knew this trick, everyone would be using it. It does have a learning system. It does have a database. It is not Bayesian or remotely similar to Bayesian.

Gun legislation in Germany is considered among the strictest gun control in the world. The current law, the German Weapons Act (German: Waffengesetz), dates from 1907 and includes as well as modifies previous gun laws. This statute regulates the handling of knives, firearms and ammunition as well as acquisition, storage, commerce and maintenance of weapons.

It’s not their fault, I guess no one informed these idiots about how tough the gun laws are when they came waltzing across the border. Or maybe they just didn’t care…who knows?


“I hope I die before I get old.”

The Who

Can Koko have banana now?

Truly amazing. History is made today. This is huge. A milestone in space flight. The cost of getting to space dropped to 1/3 today because the firsr stage is 2/3rds the cost of the rocket so when you get that back then you can fly it again.

I sure wouldn’t want to be a SpaceX competitor today. Big step in the long process of colonizing Mars. This is going to be the new norm. Soon the new Dragon capsule will also be landing propulsively and eventually the second stage is supposed to return as well.

The only thing that would have made it better is if it were daytime to get a better view of the landing. You can skip the first 10 minutes of the video. Skip to 30 minutes in to get to the good parts.

He’s going to try to land the first stage again. Elon has a lot of balls on this one. After the last launch that blew up I would have tried to go for something safe. This is a new rocker using the new Merlin 1D engines. He’s also using “densified” fuel that has never been done before. The man has no sense of fear.

Launch scheduled for 5:33 Pacific time. 5 minute launch window. Weather is still good.


Just as I predicted when Snowden exposed the NSA, the back door spying has backfired. The government required Juniper Networks to put a secret back door into their routers so the NSA can spy on us. Now the bad guys have found the secret back door and they are exploiting it. It’s like they are just handing ISIS the keys to the kingdom.

What the government doesn’t understand is that whenever you create a back door the door doesn’t know or care if you are the good guys or bad guys. And this applies to encryption as well. The NSA is a one stop mall for terrorists who only have to hack one system to get into everything.

Pastafarians, rejoice! New Zealand has now granted the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster the legal right to perform marriage ceremonies — and just in time for ChriFSMas!

The First Amendment of course protects the freedom of speech, press, religion, and (ironically) the right to petition. But by framing the measure as a way to end microagressions and preserve “safe spaces,” Horowitz got fifty students to sign the the petition in the hour he spent collecting signatures.

“I think this is fantastic. I absolutely agree,” one male student says.
“Excellent!” said another female student. “Love it.”

“You shouldn’t be exposed to things you don’t want to hear,” Horowitz tells one student signing the petition, as she murmurs her agreement.

I think Yale needs to raise their admission standards a notch or two.

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