Hillary Clinton is almost certain to launch a bid for the presidency. But at least for now, she’s determined to keep the public guessing about her stance on NSA spying. As Edward Snowden’s revelations forced the issue to the fore of national debate, she kept mum, even as other prospective candidates staked out positions.

On Tuesday, the technology journalist Kara Swisher raised the subject of surveillance while questioning the former Secretary of State. “Would you throttle back the NSA in the ways that President Obama has promised but that haven’t come to pass?” she asked. Clinton’s successfully evasive answer unfolded as follows:

The World’s Water Supply Could Dip Sharply in 15 Years

They claim global warming will lead to droughts worldwide. But – as we all know – more heat – more evaporation. More evaporation means more rain. I’d have less of a problem with this claim if they were warning of floods and storms. But warmer is wetter. World wide higher temps means more rain – not less. This gives science a bad name.

Now that Ted Cruz is running for president Americans needs to ask ourselves if it is ready for a Canadian born commander in chief. I for one am calling for Ted Cruz to release his birth certificate and to explain why he waited till 2013 to renounce his Canadian citizenship. And he hasn’t yet renounced his Cuban citizenship. We Americans need to understand how it is that he even qualifies to run for president as someone who has only been exclusively an American citizen for only 2 years.

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Looks like the anti-Soy brigade has their own police force in Ecuador.

I’m turning my home made solar system into a tracking system. Details on the construction can be found here. It turns out that the plumbing unions I used work great as bearings and the system is nearly balanced so all I had to do was add a couple linear actuators and electronics to make it a tracker. So far I just have one actuator working. Hoping the other one comes in today.

I’m also 1/2 of a Megawatt hour (500HWH) ahead on my PG&E usage so far. But this yard collector is responsible for 400KWH of the excess production. But the SolarCity panels are 100KWH ahead of the game so I’m pretty happy with SolarCity so far.

Hillary’s email server IP address (mail.clintonemail.com) which I traced and verified (SSL Certificate was clintonemail.com)  as actually her email is unlikely to be a home IP address, but not impossible. The IP address is in a range of IP addresses assigned to data centers, not home users. It is possible to set up tunneling from her home to the data center but if you have equipment at a data center already it would make more sense to leave the server there. I personally have over a dozen email servers and none of them are at home.

Not often do we break news on Dvorak News but today we do. Hillary Clinton used a spam filtering service MxLogic to filter her spam and viruses. What this means is – employees at MxLogic, now owned by McAfee – had full access to all her classified state department email in unencrypted form.

I’m in the email business and I’m just not buying her story. Her excuses include:

I didn’t want to carry 2 devices – really? And you didn’t know that one device can access more than one email account? I personally have 4 email accounts set up one my phone and 5 on home computer. So the 2 device excuse is not only a lie – but it’s a bad lie. I’m used to being lied to by politicians, but I want the lie to be plausible so I can pretend to believe it without looking like an idiot.

All the people she emailed went into the government archive – so everyone else followed the rules but you?

She deleted 32,000 email – I can’t imagine why she would delete all her personal emails. That is a huge amount of work to get rid of something that most people would want to save. My email archive is an extension of my memory. I think she is as believable as Oliver North was in Iran-Contra.

So – as someone who was going to vote for her I have a huge problem with this.

This is amazing!

Yes – it’s even faster than a snowmobile on snow!

Get used to this one till the election in 2016.

Just Say No to a Bush or a Clinton in 2016.

“If we wash our hands of the conflict between the powerful and the powerless we side with the powerful — we don’t remain neutral.”

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