Dear California Public Utilities Commission,

I have read a lot about the different net metering positions between the solar industry and the utilities. I believe there is a win/win solution to the problem.

The problem:

Currently the utilities want more for access to the grid and in some ways they have a point. Even though the utilities save some power generation costs I think the utilities are under compensated for the grid.

Also – the incentives for solar providers are such that solar systems are sized not to generate more that 100% of the home owner’s usage. If solar providers could get more compensation for excess energy they could fill the roof with panels rather than limiting them to what the customer needs.

Opportunity for both sides:

One thing no one is taking advantage of is that a solar KWH is worth more than a carbon KWH and there are people willing to pay more for clean energy than dirty energy. Excess solar generation can be tracked and a new market created for premium clean energy.

This market would create an incentive for solar companies to fill the roof and generate clean power. There is an advantage of scale in that the cost to solar companies to add extra panels per watt is less than just stopping at 100%. The cost of the sale, building permits, engineering is all the same. Just add more panels an a bigger inverter.

Additional Benefits for Both Sides

If the solar provider were to get 15 cents a KWH for excess power then they would fill the roof. Filling the roof has several advantages.

1) It helps towards the goal of California to replace carbon energy with solar energy.

2) Larger system would allow homes to generate excess power in the late afternoon instead of just the early afternoon. This will greatly reduce late afternoon peak power demands on the grid and move the solar curve to several hours later into the day when the utilities need it. So the grid gets the benefit of not having the capital expenses of meeting peak power demand costs.

3) Compensation for excess power would make it profitable for homes with low power consumption to go solar bring more solar energy online. Low income people with large roofs might even get free electricity.

4) Excess clean power can be tracked and marketed in an online energy auction allowing the demand for clean power to determine it’s price with all stakeholders benefiting.

I can provide a more detailed proposal if there is interest.


People tend to think in terms of the way things are now and not the way things will be. The grid of the future is going to be very different than the grid of the past. 50 years from now the grid is going to be powered by solar, wind, and maybe fusion. Natural Gas might fuel peaker plants. There will be battery storage built into the grid. There will also be a high voltage DC transmission system to move energy between regions. Energy production will be more local and distributed and the grid will be its own industry.

What we need to do is design policy around the grid of the future and with a vision towards creating incentives to get us from where we are to where we need to be.

Therefore the CPUC should:

1) Set the minimum compensation for excess solar power to enough to make solar providers want to fill the roof. And excess power generated at peak demand times is worth more than off peak power.

2) Allow utilities to charge a daily (not monthly) peak energy usage charge if the peak usage is during a peak demand period.

3) Allow minimum rates for grid access to increase.

4) Utility engineering surcharges should not be allowed.

This was sent to me today:

I want to let you know that PG&E and California’s other two big utilities are trying to make it harder for more home owners to go solar.

But, we’re not going to let them win. The solar movement is too big and too important to be stopped by a few utilities.

These proposals will not impact anyone who has already gone solar. But I want to keep you informed, because I know many SolarCity Ambassadors are passionate about these issues, and because we need your help to win this.

On Wednesday, solar supporters like you will be at a fun, positive rally outside PG&E to let them know Californians’ ability to go solar is not negotiable.

Save Rooftop Solar Rally
Wednesday, October 14th at 12 pm

Outside PG&E Headquarters
77 Beale Street
San Francisco, CA 94105

By December 31st of this year, the California Public Utilities Commission is expected to decide whether to adopt PG&E’s proposal. It is important for the CPUC to know how the people feel about their right to go solar. If you can’t make it to the event, be sure to sign the petition to let the CPUC know where you stand.Thank you for being a SolarCity Ambassador. You can be the hero in California’s energy revolution.

Lyndon Rive, CEO


Real cake my sister made. Yep – I’m 60. Assuming an 80 year lifespan I’m down to 1/4 tank.


Study: Government Workers Make 78 Percent More Than Private Sector

Employees for the federal government earn far more than their counterparts in the private sector, according to a new study by the Cato Institute.

Federal workers’ pay and benefits were 78 percent higher than private employees, who earned an average of $52,688 less than public sector workers last year.

The study found that federal government workers earned an average of $84,153 in 2014, compared to the private sector’s average of $56,350. Cato based its findings on figures from the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA).

But when adding in benefits pay for federal workers, the difference becomes more dramatic. Federal employees made $119,934 in total compensation last year, while private sector workers earned $67,246, a difference of over $52,000, or 78 percent.

I like my dog with chili and cheese.

The year was 1972 in Wheeling WV. at Triadelphia High School. I salvaged a transformer out of an old tube tester that I stripped for parts and I had it in a bag on top of my locker. Some stupid teacher freaked out and called it in that there was a bomb in the building. The school was evacuated and the fire department determined it was not a bomb.

Unlike today I wasn’t arrested because the teacher had made a mistake. They only arrested people back then who made real bombs. And I’m not a Muslim just to make the point that this happens to white Jewish kids too. The problem is that often students that are much smarter than teachers struggle in school. So Ahmed Mohamed – I feel your pain for being arrested for building a clock.

If this happened today I probably would have been arrested too. School is all about what’s good for the teachers and students are just an prop to get more school funding. If you took a smart kid who wants to learn and gave him/her a computer and let them self educate watching YouTube they would get a far better education than they are getting in schools.

The above picture is me in 1973 winning a prize at a science fair. The device is a computer I designed made from pin ball machine relays that figured out the day of the week of any date. And I designed it from scratch with no education in electronics.


Guess why this kid is smiling

IRVING — The family of a 14-year-old Irving student arrested for bringing a homemade clock to school earlier this month has retained lawyers and is seeking to regain his science project from the Irving Police Department.

Ahmed Mohamed’s parents say they’ve un-enrolled their three children from the Irving School District “because of religious persecution” and have decided to home-school them. Mohamed’s arrest made national headlines, prompting invites from the White House, Facebook and other tech companies. “The family says that Ahmed has been severely traumatized. The family wants justice and to ensure no family will ever have to experience what Ahmed went through again,” a press release sent Wednesday stated.

Analyze this. Keep in mind the pressure on her concerning the Fed’s decision whether or not to raise interest rates last week.


On The Late Show he told Colbert that the “fast way” to warm up Mars is the nuke the poles. It’s actually not a bad idea. The idea is the there’s frozen carbon dioxide at the poles (dry ice) and if you release it then it will cause some global warming. Then you might get the equator above freezing long enough to support some plant life. Probably something genetically engineered to grow on Mars.

Also a thicker atmosphere might allow more protection fro meteors. On Earth they burn up in the atmosphere but on Mars the atmosphere is so thin that less burn up. So more is better.

I wonder if you could build aircraft that would work on Mars. Certainly more atmosphere would help with that.

A hydrogen bomb is what you need. More energy and almost no residual radiation. And you can get the hydrogen from the frozen water.

A few days ago I walk into a local marijuana club in San Jose. I have a prescription to treat depression. I told the doctor that running out of pot causes me to be depressed and that getting pot cures it. So the first thing I notice is:

We no longer accept credit cards or debit cards. (Directions to nearest ATM machine)

So I asked, “What’s that all about?” And it turns out that because marijuana is still federally illegal that the DEA just comes into the bank and cleans out all their money. And we talked for some time about it. They said this kind of thing never happened under Bush.

So if Obama is such a liberal then why is he harassing pot clubs while at the same time his justice department has yet to prosecute any of the 2008 bankers who stole trillions of dollars?

As someone who voted for Obama twice it turns out he’s the second worst president ever. And a lot more of a disappointment than Bush because of my higher expectations.


I was thinking about writing a long detailed article about Hillary’s email but I think instead I’m going to do a series of shorter posts to match the attention spam of the average modern “journalist”.

So – now that I’ve insulted the press – let’s get started.

Let’s assume for the moment that somehow having your own server for Secretary of State business is somehow acceptable – which it isn’t – then – why not have 2 separate accounts on your own server? – personal – business

If she had merely created 2 separate email accounts on her own server then if she was going to delete 30,000 emails on her personal account then it wouldn’t look as bad as deleting them from one account. And if Congress subpoenaed her SOS account they wouldn’t get her personal email. That would take a second separate subpoena and it’s unlikely they would get that.

Just like people have separate bank accounts for personal and business people have separate email accounts for personal and business. And anyone who can’t figure that out isn’t qualified to be POTUS. After 2 stupid presidents in a row I think America deserves a president who can at least manage email.

And – what the hell is this?

I thought that server wasn’t up anymore. And even though it’s https – it’s not encrypted! WTF!

Look for more articles over the next few days. There’s a lot more where this came from. A LOT more.


Sounding very much like a candidate for president, today Vice President Joe Biden spoke at an AFL-CIO Labor Day event in Pittsburgh, Pa. “I’m mad, I’m angry,” Biden thundered, attacking the U.S. economy as “devastating for workers.”

Biden, who is openly considering running against Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary, thanked “my friend” Richard Trumka, president of the AFL-CIO. ”

“There wouldn’t be a single basic right, from a 40-hour week to sick leave, there wouldn’t a single basic right out there … but for labor,” Biden said. “You build the middle class. That’s not an exaggeration.”

The vice president also attacked growing inequality.

“Let me tell you something, man,” Biden said. “The tax code’s not fair. The wealthy aren’t paying their fair share.”

Yup, Elect Joe, he will fix it…..for real this time.

This is NOT the Large Hadron Collider and the scientific staff of CERN

Bad news, citizens of Earth: those evil physicists at CERN are once again hellbent on vaporizing the Earth and ending the universe as we know it as the Large Hadron Collider ramps up to unprecedented energies. That’s according to Lonnie Robinson, intrepid correspondent/prophet of doom for The Daily Reporter in Coldwater, Michigan, who sees the signs of our imminent destruction everywhere he looks (including The Simpsons). He even pegs the specific day on which we can probably expect global annihilation: September 24, 2015.

The good news: Lonnie Robinson is full of shit.

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