This is still my current cell phone, the Motorola RAZR M (XT907). Back in 2012 I wrote an article Finally a Cell Phone I like where, like today, the new cell phones weren’t better than the old cell phones in the features that are important to me. Now it’s 2015 and I’m in the same situation. I would buy a new cell phone if there was one that was better.

So – you might ask – what am I being picky about? The most important feature of a cell phone to me is actually making phone calls. So I’ve been sticking to Verizon because they have had the best connectivity of all the carriers. As a one person business I need to be able to not only make and receive calls but turn my phone into a hot spot so I can get online with my laptop when I need to.


Salon: What if Rand Paul were Muslim? The white, privileged assumptions behind his Patriot Act “principles”.

I spent three years as a double-agent for the FBI working undercover to counter Russian military intelligence collection efforts in New York City. My job was to convince the Russians that I was an authentic spy, willing to betray his country for cold hard cash. I believe they were willing to recruit me, in part, because I’m a first-generation American and the son of a Pakistan-born father. It was imagined that I had conflicting allegiances – a perception I played to. However, over time this assumption that my heritage makes me more prone to sell out my country has come to bother me immensely. Granted, I used the Russians’ own biases against them, but isn’t there a better way to determine loyalty than the color of my skin or my parent’s birthplace?

In fact, there is — the bulk data approach used by the National Security Agency.

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Rand Paul and Ron Widen managed to stop the renewal of the so called “Patriot Act” yesterday blocking it’s renewal and kicking Obama in the nuts. Not optimistic it will stay that way or that any data collection will actually stop. I think Obama will keep doing it regardless. After all – it was already illegal before the law expired. But Rand is moving up my list of possibilities as the only Republican I might have to give serious consideration to.

Kind of interesting for those who remember when the shredded the constitution after 9-11 that there were these anthrax letters targeting key senators and the press that helped get the Patriot Act passed in the first place. Did any of you find it interesting that anthrax was back in the news (pentagon ships live anthrax by Fedex) right before another key vote?

I remember at the time writing letters to the editor that if the government ever got these powers they would never let go of them. And I was right.

FLASHBACK: It was 1998. The Republicans were trying to impeach Clinton because he lied about having sex with Monica Lewinski. Newt Gingrich was the squeaker of the house. Republicans were trying to show they were the party of sexual morality – but there was a problem. Newt was a cheater, so he had to step down. Then they brought in some guy named Livingston but within a few days Larry Flint of Hustler Magazine exposed that Livingston fathered a child out of wedlock. Then came a series of Republican sex scandals being exposed. I was surprised Republicans were so sexually active.

Finally Dennis Hastert became the new Speaker of the House. His sole qualification was that he had no sex scandals. And now he’s being pursued for paying bribe money to keep quiet a homosexual relationship with a male student from where he was a coach. This is too funny! I wish I could have been there the moment Bill Clinton found out.

I think the real reason Republicans are against gay marriage is because under their religion they would have to get gay married to the men they are sleeping with. This is the best Republican sex scandal since wide stance Larry Craig tried to pick up a man for sex in an airport restroom.

Party on Republicans! Party on!

NEW: Hastert had gay sex with a CHILD!

Clinton – “I have no comment.” <snicker> (I made that up.)

As you know I’m an Elon worshiper so it is very disappointing to me that I have to write this review. But after renting a Tesla Model S for a day I have decided I’m definitely not buying it.

The verdict, disappointed, disheartened, disillusioned, depressed.


John Podesta

I think Nancy Grace won that debate, hands down.

Click to enlargeDownton Abbey for spies

At an 18th-century mansion in England’s countryside last week, current and former spy chiefs from seven countries faced off with representatives from tech giants Apple and Google to discuss government surveillance in the aftermath of Edward Snowden’s leaks.

The three-day conference, which took place behind closed doors and under strict rules about confidentiality, was aimed at debating the line between privacy and security…

I know there’s a lot of quacks out there by this sounds like the real thing. Imagine the disruptive changes to society if people lived to be 100 – 120 and that quality of life is good up until near the end. No more Social Security at 65. Youth no longer wasted on the young. Funeral homes going out of business. Increases in productivity. Population effects. Medical savings.


WASHINGTON — Even after more than a decade as an analyst, anchor and public face for ABC News, George Stephanopoulos has never been able to shake the image that many Republicans have of him: Clinton hatchet man.

That image was glaring to the Republican strategists who blocked him from moderating a debate last year in the Senate race in Iowa.

It was the elephant in the room in 2011 when, after an interview that Mitt Romney’s advisers saw as especially argumentative, Mr. Stephanopoulos visited the campaign’s headquarters to try to reassure them that he was impartial.

And it has nagged at the chairman of the Republican National Committee, Reince Priebus, who has told people repeatedly that he does not want the anchorman anywhere near a debate stage in 2016.

On Thursday, the question of Mr. Stephanopoulos’s political leanings and his future as a leader of the network’s campaign coverage spilled out into the open as he acknowledged donating $75,000 to the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation over the past three years. He withdrew from playing any role in a planned Republican primary debate on ABC and called his donations an “uncharacteristic lapse.”


When the Jets paused to honor soldiers of the New Jersey Army National Guard at home games during the past four years, it was more than a heartfelt salute to the military — it was also worth a good stack of taxpayer money, records show. The Department of Defense and the Jersey Guard paid the Jets a total of $377,000 from 2011 to 2014 for the salutes and other advertising, according to federal contracts. Overall, the Defense Department has paid 14 NFL teams $5.4 million during that time, of which $5.3 million was paid by the National Guard to 11 teams under similar contracts.

U.S. Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.), who routinely posts examples of what he calls wasteful spending, called out the Jets’ agreement as wasteful and disingenuous.

“Those of us go to sporting events and see them honoring the heroes,” Flake said in an interview. “You get a good feeling in your heart. Then to find out they’re doing it because they’re compensated for it, it leaves you underwhelmed. It seems a little unseemly.”

Well, anyway, surprising to someone living in a cave on a desert island. Certainly not to a US citizen.

Have you ever felt like the government doesn’t really care what you think?

Professors Martin Gilens (Princeton University) and Benjamin I. Page (Northwestern University) looked at more than 20 years worth of data to answer a simple question: Does the government represent the people?

Their study took data from nearly 2000 public opinion surveys and compared it to the policies that ended up becoming law. In other words, they compared what the public wanted to what the government actually did. What they found was extremely unsettling: The opinions of 90% of Americans has essentially no impact at all.

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Dragon 2 hold down static fire test in preparation for tomorrows pad abort test. Thats what a rocket capsule should look like. Too bad they aren’t doing propulsive landing.

This is the future of the grid and the eventual end to fossil fuel. More information at Tesla Energy.

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