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Election tampering is being focused on Trump but what about election tampering by Democrats? Wassweman-Shultz rigged the Democratic primary for Hillary as we have learned from leaked emails. We also know that Donna Brazille slipped Hillary questions in advance of a debate with Bernie Sanders. And I fault Hillary for illegally accepting the stolen information from Brazille.

Then there’s the airport meeting between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch just one day before she ordered Comey to drop the investigation and start calling it a “matter”. And of course Hillary defied subpoenas when she mass deleted emails off her server and ran bitwasher on it to make sure the FBI couldn’t recover anything. Clearly obstruction of justice.

Both parties acted in a manner that was disgusting. A pox on both their houses.

What a pussy!

Now Trump says:

“I am being investigated for firing the FBI Director by the man who told me to fire the FBI Director! Witch Hunt”

OMG – Trump is under criminal investigation! I wonder if Trump own any prisons he can serve time in? This has to set a new record.

The question I wanted to see asked, “How do you feel about flipping the election in favor of Trump?” Also – do you think that Trump being too stupid to understand what he’s doing can be used as an excuse?


In this photo taken Feb. 17, 2016, former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden, center speaks via video conference to people in the Johns Hopkins University auditorium in Baltimore. (AP Photo/Juliet Linderman)

The wide-scale ransomware attack responsible for sidelining computer systems the world over this weekend could have been curbed if the U.S. government acted years ago, according to Edward Snowden.

Mr. Snowden, a former CIA employee and National Security Agency contractor, blamed the latter Monday for allowing the Wannacry virus to worm its way through Microsoft Windows computers in 150 countries and counting, crippling victims ranging from Britain’s publicly funded healthcare system to corporations including Fedex and Nissan.

Addressing attendees at a big data conference in D.C., Mr. Snowden said the cyberattack would not have been as damaging had the NSA warned Microsoft earlier about a critical vulnerability harnessed by Wannacry’s author.


Is too stupid to jail the new excuse for breaking the law? Clearly Trump is guilty of obstructing justice even though he’s too stupid to understand he’s obstructing justice. Trump said he fired Comey to ease pressure on him over the investigations in the same meeting with Russian spies in the Oval Office where he blabber mouthed classified information.

I’m glad Trump has a special prosecutor. He deserves it. Lock him up! Lock him up!

Similarly Hillary was given a pass on the email because Comey deemed her too stupid to understand that she isn’t above the law and that juries don’t convict famous stupid people for being stupid.

Trump fires Comey. Fixing the election for Trump didn’t work out well for his career. I think we can agree on that.

Another perfect launch and landing by SpaceX. This is the first classified launch by SpaceX. Another booster recovered for reuse.

Deadline is Friday night April 28th 2017. Will Dems and Republicans hold it together or will someone knife someone in the back at the last minute? And what will it mean if Trump ends his first 100 days with a shutdown with a Republican congress? The stage is set. The clock is ticking. What do you think will happen?

Looks like the kicked the can down the road for another week.

It wasn’t just Michael Flynn who me with Putin. Jill Stein is seated at the table too. Stein, if you remember is the Green Party candidate who sucked enough votes away from Hillary to cause Trump to become president. And here she is with Putin.

A few weeks after the election Stein scammed Hillary supporters with a fake recount effort where she both raised and pocketed 7 million from people who were desperate to do anything to stop Trump. Someone please = ask Jill Stein what she did with the $7,000,000!

This Saturday is the March for Science and there is a good reason to put science first. Science is the study of Reality the way it really is. Faith is a decision to believe whatever you want regardless of if it’s real.

Although it is true that people of faith also believe in a lot of things that are real, faith allows one to ignore Reality and choose to believe regardless of the evidence. In the world of science when what you believe is determined to be wrong then you are expected to change your mind and go with what the evidence supports.

In the world of science it is assumed that Reality is something that exists and we learn from the universe through discovery. In the faith based world they choose to believe something with the expectation that Reality will magically transform to match what they believe. But, as they say, you can’t serve two masters, and if you choose to put your personal beliefs ahead of Reality then your understanding of the universe stops. It also causes brain damage because you lose the ability to distinguish what is real from what isn’t. The concept of Truth goes away because proof relies on evidence which are concepts from the science based world.

Ultimately we have to learn how to live in harmony with Reality or else Reality will kick us out of existence. People who have turned their backs to Reality put all of humanity at risk. Although believing in invisible friends is protected by the Constitution, it’s a sin against the universe. And we could all be punished with extinction.

Emma Morano, the last person on Earth to be born in the 1800s dies at 117. Born November 29, 1899.

The Kentucky Coal Mining Museum in Benham features an exhibition coal mine; artifacts from miners and their families; fossils; a 2-ton block of coal cut especially for the museum as a photo backdrop; and even items from the personal collection of country music star (and coal miner’s daughter) Loretta Lynn.

It also will soon have 80 solar panels on its roof to generate the electricity the facility needs, withthe excess helping to power the town of Benham. The switch to solar is expected to save the museum between $8,000 and $10,000 a year on its energy bill.

President Donald Trump campaigned on a promise to bring coal to the forefront of America’s energy policy, in part by eliminating environmental protections and President Barack Obama’s Clean Power Plant policy. Meanwhile, the coal industry has been declining for years, in part because other energy sources such as natural gas and renewables have become more cost-effective alternatives.

McCain always says what’s morally right. Then he does the opposite.

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