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I don’t relish writing memorials or testimonials. But, this site needs a small jot of memory for one of the folks who authored many of the posts here in recent years. Marc Perkel. His company hosted the site.

Mark died August 1st after what feels to all of us like a really short, truly brave battle with lung cancer. I’m including a couple of links to reference sites he authored. I recommend you take the time to click through the abundance of links and get to fill out the gaps in your online contact with him.

He will be missed.



Opdivo is a very powerful immunotherapy drug extending many people’s lives. It is also a very dangerous drug that has known life-threatening side effects that often occur, and require immediate intervention when they do. I am a lung cancer patient and I am highly involved in designing my own treatments. I received Opdivo (nivolumab) in conjunction with radiation, which led to pneumonitis, a known – and extremely dangerous – adverse effect.

This video centers on a phone call I made to the manufacturer to attempt to talk to emergency adverse reaction support staff, and get information regarding the best treatment option for my specific situation. As a global pharmaceutical giant and the developer of Opdivo, Bristol-Myers Squibb should have the best information on side effect mitigation. To my shock and surprise, they have NO EMERGENCY SUPPORT, and this video includes the shocking recording of my conversation with a senior staff member.

My purpose here is to shame BMS into providing emergency support information to patients and doctors dealing with known life-threatening results from the use of their product. I’m looking for attention that will shame them into DOING THE RIGHT THING. I feel that BMS has a least a moral obligation – if not a legal responsibility – to provide technical support in order to reduce suffering and death related to the use of their products. I am asking for your support. Please act to help to make this happen.

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Just when it seemed that the G7 leaders had eked out a joint communique and avoided an open rift, Donald Trump in a stunning Twitter turnaround, retracted his endorsement. It’s probably better that way

Click to enlargeDavid Paul Morris/Bloomberg

❝ Late Friday, California confirmed what many across the state’s devastated wine country had suspected for months: Equipment owned by utility giant PG&E Corp. ignited some of the deadliest and most destructive wildfires that tore through their homes in October.

The most unexpected and crucial part of the findings, though, was at the very bottom of California’s end-of-day statement: The state had found evidence of alleged violations of law by PG&E in connection with eight of the blazes…

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The violence over Jerusalem is a fight over one religion’s invisible friend vs. another religion’s invisible friend both claiming that their deities gave them land. The truth is that there is no such thing as god(s) and Jerusalem is just another piece of dirt just like any other location on this planet. The violence and death this week following the ill conceived decision to move America’s embassy to Jerusalem reflects poorly on both the Israelis and Palestinians.

This is the 21st century and it’s time that we put to rest the ideas of old primitive religions and property claims attributed to deities. God did not give holy land to anyone and no nation has any more of a right to exist than any other nation. The time has come come that humanity lay down our weapons and come together to figure out how to live together in peace, live in harmony with Reality, and to take care of our common space ship, planet Earth, so that with every generation our future will always be better than our past.

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I’m going to take the unpopular position of disagreeing with the guilty verdict of Bill Cosby. Cosby was on trial for 1 act of sexual assault, yet they let 5 unrelated women testify who had nothing to do with what Cosby was charged with. And the woman who did charge him was paid 3 million dollars already.

For the other 5 women they are now famous and making a lot of money off this Cosby fame.

There’s no doubt that Cosby is into a lot of weird sex and drugs. I personally have had sex with a lot of women while stoned. But Pot isn’t that big of a deal and I’m not famous, nor do I have millions of dollars. But for people like Cosby the is surrounded by opportunists who would have sex with him to advance their careers, and I’m sure Cosby took advantage of relationships that are sort of mutual exploitation where both people get what they want.

In a criminal trial the standard of proof is “beyond a reasonable doubt”, and in my view when the witnesses have a strong financial incentive to lie then that is reasonable doubt right there. I’m not saying I believe Cosby is innocent, or guilty. I’m just saying that if I were a juror, I wouldn’t be able to convict.

I am also predicting this case will be overturned on appeal because I think the testimony of 5 unrelated women is unconstitutional, and the appeals court will strike down the case on that basis. And the jury asked for a definition of sexual assault and the judge didn’t give them a legal definition. So I don’t think you’re going to see Cosby doing jail time.

Detroit truckers line up under a freeway overpass to help a suicidal man.

13 trucks lines up under an overpass to prevent a man from jumping off and killing himself. Story here.

(CNN)A man stood on a freeway overpass near Detroit early Thursday, threatening to jump. So thirteen tractor-trailers lined up underneath, ready to break his fall.

Troopers closed off both directions of Interstate 696 and asked for the truckers’ help, hoping to protect the man in case he fell or jumped, said Lt. Mike Shaw of the Michigan State Police.
Asking truckers to help in such cases is not unusual, Shaw said, but “most of the time these events are (resolved) pretty fast, so we only get one semi.”

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