A species of fish best-known for attacking human testicles has apparently invaded America.

A father and son were fishing in New Jersey when they got a bite from an unfamiliar fish with a startling array of near-human teeth. It was a pacu, a relative of the piranha that is native to the Amazon.

The pacu has accumulated some colourful nicknames – nutcracker, ball cutter – and a sighting in Sweden in 2013 led to a warning for male swimmers to keep their trunks on.

This time the catch came not in Sweden but in Swede’s Lake, a man-made body of water near Philadelphia. Fortunately for Ron Rossi, this particular fish went for the bait.

Mr Rossi knew as soon as he “scooped” the fish that he had “never seen anything like” it. He originally thought he had caught a piranha.

Henrik Carl, a Danish fish expert, said that was a common mistake.

“They are almost identical to the piranha, you couldn’t even tell from the outside,” he explained after the Scandinavian pacu sighting. “It’s just that they have different teeth. Flatter and stronger, perfect for crushing.”

Holy Crap!!!!….I’ll take my chances with the shark.


For years I have wanted to do my own solar project. Last summer, I finally decided to take the plunge and do an off-grid solar project. Over the years I’ve done a lot of research, talking to contractors, and neighbors who have done this, but there were only two other off grid solar projects in the area that I knew of. Both were actually small solar power “mini-grids” as their homes were more like compounds and so much larger than mine. They were using their batteries more for backup than their primary source, So we were entering new territory for myself as well as my installer.

The Basics – Data Collection

The first thing I needed to do was determine my average power consumption. I purchased a wireless power monitor, which clamps around each 120V leg of my 240V grid power service. This device transmits data to a receiver that records daily averages and the data can be output to a spread sheet through USB connection to a laptop. I placed the monitor in a central location so I could watch the results on a real time basis. It was interesting to see what various household devices were drawing. An overhead fan draws 100W. The water pump kicks in, 1000W (1Kw), same with an A/C unit. etc,. After 2 weeks I determined that my average daily needs were about 15 – 20 Kw, total. (I rarely use A/C but more on that later). I then replaced all lighting with LED lights. These were mostly 60 Watt bulbs that draw 8 Watts. We then isolated the wiring for the bedroom A/C units, and Washer Dryer, to a separate power panel that connects to the grid, so I do get a very small power bill if I occasionally decide to use A/C. A 50 gallon water heater (1400 Watt power hog), is at this time still on the solar system, and timed to heat water twice a day for 30 minutes. This provides plenty of hot water for 2 people.

Thanks, Honeyman

Here’s a thought experiment I’m working on.

I’m going to make some assumption about the future. These aren’t predictions – but it’s plausible possibilities for the purpose of the thought experiment.

Let’s assume that there is no major crisis and technology continues to move forward at today’s exponential pace. At some point the computers become smarter than we are. I’ll call it the AI. (Artificial Intelligence) And there’s a lot of sci-fi out there that addresses some of these questions.

Politically correct or clueless? Amazon bans the Confederate Battle Flag but still sells KKK T-Shirts. I think they don’t get it.


Matt York/AP

Over the past two fiscal years, Customs and Border Protection – CBP – drones helped nab less than 3 percent of the drugs seized by agents in the few sectors where they were used, according to CBP’s own figures.

By comparison, since this fiscal year began on Oct. 1, manned aircraft have accounted for more than 99 percent of weapons, cash and meth seizures, 95 percent of cocaine seizures, and 89 percent of marijuana seizures in which aerial assets were involved, according to CBP data.


The obvious questions here is what if it was Hillary or Obama, or anyone other than a white Republican in front of that pistol? Is it acceptable because Republicans (other than Karl Rove) defend the 2nd Amendment?

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If you’re sitting around somewhere in Boston whining about the heat and humidity, today — remember this!

150 years ago brave Americans under President Abraham Lincoln fought and died in a bloody war so that all people can be free and equal. We won that war – so why is it that in the 21st century that the South still hasn’t got the message?

The Confederate Flag is to black people what the Nazi flag is to Jews. It sends a message that blacks aren’t really free and equal members of society. For 150 years we have been pretending black people are free and equal while the truth is that we still have white supremacist states and a white supremacist culture where we allow the symbols of hate to be the symbols of government. When South Caroline flies the Confederate flag they are sending the message that the nig__rs better stay in their place.

But there is a new tool in place to fight the racist culture. On June 18th in the case of Walker v. Sons of Confederate Veterans that vehicle license plates were government speech and the government should not be demeaning black people. Based on this decision it’s time to start suing states over the use of the Confederate flag and at least get rid of what is clearly government sponsored racism.

Pope Francis has called on the world’s rich nations to begin paying their “grave social debt” to the poor and take concrete steps on climate change, saying failure to do so presents an undeniable risk to a “common home” that is beginning to resemble a “pile of filth”.

clown prez trump
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Donald Trump’s big presidential announcement Tuesday was made a little bigger with help from paid actors — at $50 a pop…New York-based Extra Mile Casting sent an email last Friday to its client list of background actors, seeking extras to beef up attendance at Trump’s event…

While I applaud Pope Francis for his interest in the environment the problem that’s driving climate change isn’t unsustainable consumption – it’s unsustainable population growth. If we don’t stop world wide population growth then no amount of austerity or technology is going to save us. We need birth control.

It’s simple math. If we cut our resource usage in half and the population doubles we have gained nothing. We live on a finite sized planet with a growing population. That isn’t sustainable.

One of the leading causes of population growth is the Catholic Church’s opposition to birth control. If the Pope is truly interested in climate change he should reverse this church policy. The Pope is in a unique position to impact the climate and it is irresponsible for him not to act. If the Pope reversed on birth control and asked families to limit themselves to 2 children he would have more impact on climate change than anything the United Nations can do.

Gov. Greg Abbott signed legislation that will create a state-run gold depository in the Lone Star State – one that will attempt to rival those operated by the U.S. government inside Fort Knox and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s vault in lower Manhattan. “The Texas Bullion Depository,” Abbott said in a statement, “will become the first state-level facility of its kind in the nation, increasing the security and stability of our gold reserves and keeping taxpayer funds from leaving Texas to pay for fees to store gold in facilities outside our state.”

Too funny! Turns out the head of Spokane NAACP is a white woman pretending to be black. (Can the NAACP discriminate based on race?)

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