The Droid Turbo is out today. I stopped by my local Verizon store and they had it. Very kool! I’m currently a RAZR M owner and overdue for an upgrade. It’s very new so I’m holding off till they at least root the device and hopefully unlock the bootloader. But it has a massive 3900mah battery and the specs are obscene! Gives me a serious case of the wants.


The city’s first Ebola patient initially lied to authorities about his travels around the city following his return from treating disease victims in Africa, law-enforcement sources said.

Dr. Craig Spencer at first told officials that he isolated himself in his Harlem apartment — and didn’t admit he rode the subways, dined out and went bowling until cops looked at his MetroCard the sources said.

“He told the authorities that he self-quarantined. Detectives then reviewed his credit-card statement and MetroCard and found that he went over here, over there, up and down and all around,” a source said.

Spencer finally ’fessed up when a cop “got on the phone and had to relay questions to him through the Health Department,” a source said.

The honor system of self imposed quarantine assumes that the person will generally use good common sense. That puts a lot of faith in people, a faith that I for one don’t possess.

Related: Maine nurse refuses to observe quarantine, her attorney, New York civil rights lawyer Norman Siegel, called Maine’s quarantine “unconstitutional.”.

That Constitution seems to be a tricky thing, eh?

V.O.T.E., Voice of the Ex-Offender, is a grassroots, membership based organization founded and run by Formerly Incarcerated Persons (FIPs) in partnership with allies dedicated to ending the disenfranchisement and discrimination against of FIPs.

We believe that FIPs, their loved ones, allies and communities can use their experiences and expertise to improve public safety in New Orleans. Through civic engagement and educating FIPs about how to maneuver the legal system, draft and advocate for policy and legislation as well as other job and technical skills, VOTE will mobilize a strong group of leaders that will transform of our city’s criminal justice system.

The message is clear…vote 3rd party. Har!

UPDATE: Last Monday I finally got the go ahead to turn the solar system from SolarCity on. So it’s been running for about a week now. So – here’s the report so far.

Every day it makes about 12.5 kilowatt hours (kwh) of energy. To give you some idea of what this is – it’s the amount of electricity it takes to run a microwave oven for 12 1/2 hours a day. Saturday it rained for part of the day and it made 5.3 kwh. According to our agreement they estimate that the system will produce 5325 kwh per year, or an average of 14.6 kwh/day. Being that this is late October it looks like things are on track so far.

Turn on closed captioning since this isn’t from ‘Merica where we would never be fooled. Right?

I think so…my wife does this all the time and it’s annoying as hell.

Many liberals are adamant there is no threat of voter fraud that justifies efforts to improve the integrity of elections. “There is no real concrete evidence of voter fraud,” tweeted Donna Brazile, former acting chair of the Democratic National Committee, this week. “It’s a big ass lie.” James O’Keefe, the guerilla filmmaker who brought down the ACORN voter-registration fraudsters in 2010 and forced the resignation of NPR executives, politely disagrees.

First time I agree with O’Reilly over Jon Stewart over white privilege in America. Stewart is wrong, O’Reilly is right.

Not to say that there isn’t discrimination – and there is. But discrimination and privilege is not the same thing. The same thing applies to male privilege. Just because one group does better doesn’t mean that they are the ones keeping the ones who don’t do well from doing well.

It ignores black people don’t like black people more than white people don’t like black people. There is only so much that white people can do to help black people be equal. The real change has to come from black people – how they choose to interface with the world =- and time to get over their ancestors being slaves. Every person on the planet has ancestors who were slaves.

Monica Lewinsky is blaming the bullies on the internet for bullying her. Doesn’t seem to grasp the concept that her own actions have consequences. The only reason anyone is even interested in her is because she gave Clinton a Lewinsky. If not for her Dubya would never have been president, no 17 trillion dollar debt, no Iraq war, no ISIS. But Nooooo … it’s the internet who is at fault.

If I had done what she did I’d change my name, dye my hair blonde, and try to hide from it rather than seek attention. But she’s still taking advantage of having sucked presidential root. Isn’t it time for her to take some responsibility for what she did to America? Maybe apologize to the Clintons, and America?


Dozens of suspected Nazi war criminals and SS guards collected millions of dollars in U.S. Social Security benefits after being forced out of the United States, an Associated Press investigation has found.

The payments, underwritten by American taxpayers, flowed through a legal loophole that gave the U.S. Justice Department leverage to persuade Nazi suspects to leave the U.S. If they agreed to go, or simply fled before deportation, they could keep their Social Security, according to interviews and internal U.S. government records.

Among those receiving benefits were armed SS troops who guarded the network of Nazi camps where millions of Jews perished; a rocket scientist who used slave laborers to advance his research in the Third Reich; and a Nazi collaborator who engineered the arrest and execution of thousands of Jews in Poland.

Sistine Chapel parking

Pope Francis has revealed that the Vatican will rent out the Sistine Chapel for a corporate event for the first time in its 600-year history.

Wow! Who saw that coming? What’s next – equality for women?


Warrant canaries — which tech companies are using to tell people that the government is NOT using secret orders — are the new frontline in the legal fight over surveillance.

This ad, featuring clips of Mitch McConnell, Pat Roberts, and many other Republicans implies that austerity cuts to the CDC and NIH are responsible for the 2014 Ebola outbreak.

At a Vanity Fair event tonight Elon musk will unveil “the D and something else”. What could it be?

And here it is!

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