Very simple and absolute proof that all Gods don’t exist. Yes – you can prove a negative!

The interesting point he makes, something I noticed at the time, was that this leak was filtered not to expose Americans with overseas accounts. The implication is that the CIA might have leaked it to get even with foreign leaders. For example, the leader of Iceland who, unlike Obama, prosecuted the bankers who ripped us off in 2010 is implicated. So is Putin and the Russian Oligarchy.

Since Obama has been behind covert smear campaigns through our intelligence agencies he now fantasizes that the boogie man (Russia) is getting even with him. But Democrats are never going to learn if they don’t start taking responsibility for their own incompetence and learn from their mistakes.

I couldn’t have made the point better myself. And I hate it when I have to agree with Trump. Listen to Adam Shiff (D) California invoke Reagan in his defense.

This whole Russian Hacking thing is totally fake. I think those who are making up this story should be prosecuted. This looks to me like a prelude narrative to a coup.

Democrats are just too stupid to use email. The reason Trump is President Elect is because Podesta used p@assw0rd for his email password. But only the Russians are smart enough to figure that out. Putin personally was involved. Putin said “Try p@ssw0rd” and it worked. And Obama somehow knows this and that’s why he expelled the Russian ambassadors.

On the verge of the Trump Apocalypse Obama has to prove Democrats are as stupid and dishonest as Republicans.



Democrats have this amazing ability that whenever Republicans do something stupid Democrats prove they can be even dumber. Case in point is Obama’s election denial insisting that Trump was elected by Russian hackers and expelling their diplomats. With the Republicans electing the big man baby Obama will not be outdone and acts more like a baby than Trump is.

What’s so ridiculous is that Snowden revealed that Obama hacked the entire planet spying on everyone, friend, foe, citizens, and non-citizens alike. America’s history includes assassination  of foreign leaders and the installation of puppet dictators around the world. So we have no moral high ground to decry anyone hacking us even if it did occur. If the Russians were truly hacking the election Obama should have done something about it before election day, but he chose not to. Besides, Julian Assange, who actually knows where the leak came from says it’s not Russian, and I believe him.

Obama is the second worst president after Bush that America has ever had. Now he’s just a disaster who is shredding what little dignity he has left in a final tantrum against the Russians who he failed to get along with. As we move to our third incompetent president in a row I would at least want to see the last president who I voted for twice go out with a little dignity.

Enjoy! No Politics!

This is a pretty amazing interview. Snowden has impressive convictions. Putin seems to have a lot of respect for Snowden and frustrated what a screw up Obama was in dealing with it.

I post – you decide.

In a statement following the death of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, President Barack Obama spoke of “the countless ways in which (Castro) altered the course of individual lives, families and of the Cuban nation.”

That’s an understatement as the thousands who have risked their lives over the years to escape from Cuba have testified. For six decades the left has lauded Castro as a secular savior, seeing only what they wanted to see and reporting only what the Cuban government wanted them to report.
Examples are legion, but this one is typical: In February 1988, the State Department named Cuba one of the world’s biggest human rights oppressors. NBC News reporter Ed Rabel visited Havana to check it out. Rich Noyes of the Media Research Center, the conservative media watchdog, writes: “NBC’s conciliatory approach allowed Castro to spew lies about his drug connections and the wonderful achievements of the Cuban revolution.” Rabel reported, “There is, in Cuba, government intrusion into everyone’s life, from the moment he is born until the day he dies.

I read with both amusement and horror that The Donald is going to continue to run his businesses and TV shows like “Celebrity Apprentice” while he is president. And Trump is disinterested in to get his daily national security briefings. I guess no one told Donald Trump that being President of the United States is a full time job?

I think he’ll probably quit after a few months because it’s too much work.

Jill Stein raised $7 million to do a recount. The judge wants $1 million bond and that’s even negotiable. But Stein refuses to post it because she’s going to Federal Court (which has no jurisdiction) and dropping the state court case.

I’m calling this a scam. She has the money and she won’t use it. I think she’s scamming us. She’s taking advantage of voters who want a recount to pocket the money. And she’s diverting attention away from the fact that if she had dropped out of the race a month early and not attacked Hillary, Trump wouldn’t be president elect.

(Yes – it’s Hillary’s fault. But Stein put Trump over the top like Nader did in 2000)

The Green Party’s Jill Stein is changing tactics in Pennsylvania, dropping a call for a recount in the state court in order to pursue the effort in federal court. Why? At least in part because it was just too expensive. Even though Stein has raised more than $7 million for her recount effort, the Green Party said that it will not post the $1 million bond required by the court.

“Petitioners are regular citizens of ordinary means,” notes the filing that withdrew the lawsuit filed with the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania. “They cannot afford to post the $1,000,000 bond required by the Court.” The court set the $1 million after lawyers representing President-elect Donald Trump called for a $10 million bond.

Can’t afford it? She raised $7 million. The bond is $1 million. Who want’s to bet she pockets the money!

Liar liar pants on fire!!!

BTW – piece of trivia. I also host on this same server and the first news of the recount was announced on this server. So I feel I was personally scammed. The traffic even took this server offline for about 15 minutes till I found a way to process the traffic.

Warning: Language NSFW

Quite frankly I think tucker Carlson did a great job giving me the interview I wanted to have. Fair and balanced, you decide. The real issue is whether we are going to allow Trump to limit our freedoms.

Here’s the back story. I have had the domain for 20 years and every time they try to restrict burning the flag they find my web site and I get interviewed. So I’ve done this before.


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I think it’s amazing that our man baby president elect is complaining about a recount in an election where he lost the popular vote by 2 million. After all, he’s the one who was saying that the election was rigged, and I believe him. But it was rigged in his favor.

I have decided I’m not accepting the election result that Trump won. Trump said before the election that he wouldn’t accept the result if Hillary won and he never accepted that Obama won claiming that Obama wasn’t born in America. Trump was helped by Russian hackers and our new first lady will be America’s first Soviet born Communist raised first lady. So the results of the election are meaningless to me. I intend to give Trump all the respect he gave Obama.

I have a hard time believing that women voted for a pu**y grabbing playboy, that Christians voted for someone who referred to his daughter as a “piece of ass”. There comes a point where it’s just too weird to believe and so I don’t. Trump is a dunce and a clown and he’s incompetent. America is in deep deep trouble regardless of what you believe.

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